Going through a break up is never easy and everyone around you is always going to have an opinion about it, but when you’ve been on a reality dating show and have collected millions of fans along the the way, this is taken to a whole new level.

This is something that Grant Crapp from love island has learnt the hard way having copped a massive beating from fans of love island on social media after his short-lived relationship with Tayla Damir came to an end.

While the comments from fans have varied with people bagging Grant out for a number of things surrounding his romance with Tayla, one specific thing that a lot of people have been saying is that Grant should return his prize money.

As you should know by now, Grant and Tayla’s love won them the top spot in the Love Island Australia Grand Final and of course a hefty sum of prize money. But it didn’t just fall in their lap and we reckon this is why people are taking such issue with it.

The Australian public were the ones who voted for the winner of Love Island based on who they thought would genuinely make it in the real world (LOL). Not only that, but Tayla was actually the one who was awarded the prize money and it was her choice whether she split the entire $50 Grand with Grant or kept it all for herself.


Of course, being the lovely girl that she is and thinking that Grant was the love of her life, she chose to split the money, resulting in them getting $25,000 each. And well, after Australia then went on to watch Tayla get her heart broken, a lot of people now hold the opinion that he should have to give the money up.

Even runner up of the show Eden said that Grant shouldn’t be allowed to keep the thousands of dollars! He told Kyle and Jackie O a short while ago that Grant should donate his money to charity.

But if you ask Grant what he thinks, he couldn’t disagree more. Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Grant said that he wouldn’t be giving the prize money up because he had genuine feelings for Tayla and never lied about that.

“They’re entitled to their opinion, you know they’re saying this that I should give it back to Tayla, but it takes two to tango in Love Island,” started Grant. “I had genuine feelings for Tayla and all that, we went through that experience together. You know, she doesn’t deserve it anymore than I don’t deserve it.”

Grant went on to say that it was completely unfair for people to ask Grant to return his money and In fact, Grant went on to say that it was completely unfair for people to ask him to give the money back and not Tayla. He said that they each played an equal part in winning the show and the prize money and they needed each other to win.

“Without me, she wouldn’t have won it and the other way around,” he continued. “That’s been a real big thing and everyone’s just slamming that flat out.”


So everyone out there asking Grant Crapp to return his winnings, whether it be back to the show, to a charity or to his ex-girlfriend Tayla, we reckon you’re best of saving your time and energy and move on because it ain’t happening!

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