It’s no secret that Grant Crapp wasn’t Eden’s biggest fan during their time on Love Island Australia, and so we knew that when it came to the news of runner up couple Eden and Erin’s break up, Grant would have a LOT to say about it.

It was only yesterday that Eden and Erin, who met and fell in love during Australia’s first season of Love Island just a few months ago, had decided to call time on their relationship.

Both of them posted the same statement to their individual Instagram accounts, breaking the sad news to their fan base.

But if Grant’s latest statement is anything to believe, it appears that Eden and Erin’s relationship may have actually been over a long time ago.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Grant said that he was not at all surprised to hear the public announcement of the couple’s split. But, in his opinion, their relationship had been over long before they made their statement.


“Did you hear that Erin and Eden broke up?” asked Kyle.

“Have I heard about it? I think all of Australia’s heard about it,” replied Grant. “From what I heard…they were broken up a few weeks ago you know, and Eden’s just held out for the fame.”

“I can almost guarantee I heard from a few people that they have been broken up, they were trying to hold out for the fame.”

Grant went on to say that it was doomed from the beginning with the pair living in different states and that it would never have worked unless one of them was willing to make the move.

“Erin lives in Melbourne, Eden lives in Sydney, so like how was that ever going to work if neither of them was prepared to move,” he said. “If they were actually in love they would have moved already.”

Of course all of Australia truly believed that Eden and Erin were completely in love and would remain together for the long haul after their over the top public displays of affection on the show Love Island.


The pair first met on the first day of filming and didn’t recouple with anyone else during the entire series. They eventually made their relationship official, told each other they loved each other and were prepared to make it work on the outside.

However, just a few months after the love island finale, where Eden and Erin came in runner up to Grant and Tayla, the pair have announced their split. And if Grant’s story is to be believed, it could’ve been over for a while.

Although, it’s also possible that Grant is spilling complete and utter Crapp about his Love Island cast mates, as one listener called through afterwards to say she’d seen Eden out over the weekend at a club with another Love Island contestant, Tash, and he had said that he was still with Erin at that point.

“He was a perfect gentleman, he was so nice and he had beautiful things to say about Erin,” said listener Carly. “On the weekend he did say that they were still together and he said it’s hard being long distance but he said really nice things.”


Carly then went on to say that Eden had also told her why the pair had not yet committed to moving in together and apparently it was all to do with their careers.

“He said that she’s just got really good opportunities in Melbourne and it wouldn’t be possible to move but you know, long distance,” she said.

So whether you believe the tale Grant is telling or our listener the truth of the matter is, Eden and Erin are officially over.


And we think the reason we’ve spent so much time fixating on this fact today is because we can’t get over the fact that even the Pumpkin Pies from love Island couldn’t make it in the real world! Love is officially dead in the land of reality TV.

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