Love Island might be finishing up in a matter of days but it looks like every single episode up until the finale is going to be nothing short of explosive.

Last night was example A: The islanders were forced to choose between two couples, Mac and Teddy or Millie and Mark, to send one of them home as every single night this week we will see one couple dumped from the island.

However, of course this kind of high pressured decision saw emotions running high and sparks igniting between old feuds as the safe couples couldn’t come to a decision on who to send home.

Grant and Eden fired up the most at one another after Grant tried to accuse Erin of putting Cassidy up to choosing him in a past recoupling. Eden was having none of it and immediately put Grant in his place but no fists were thrown this time around.


Eventually Mac and Teddy chose to leave, taking the pressure off everyone else, but this didn’t mean that everyone was friends once again and as the episode ended we left the villa in a bit of a divide.

And now, according to the latest promo, it looks like things only go from bad to worse for Mr Grant Crapp in tonight’s episode. The promo appears to show Grant loosing his cool and choosing the leave the island.

In the 30 second advertisement, Grant is seen storming across the backyard, with his girlfriend Tayla quickly following behind, asking her man what is wrong. But Grant, looking as though he is about to cry, tells her that he doesn’t want to talk to her.

The voiceover on the advertisement says dramatically, “Grand finale week’s runaway drama. What makes Grant explode and quit the villa?”.

So it looks like Grant is pushed to breaking point tonight! But what is it that sets him boiling? Does Cassidy come back in? Is his rumoured “girlfriend” from the outside finally uncovered? (Sophie Monk did promise us an ex in the villa remember) Or has he just had enough of his feud with Eden?

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see! Love Island continues tonight on 9GO and 9NOW at 8:30pm. The winner will be announced on Thursday night’s finale episode.

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