Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most famous chefs, especially known for his intense personality.

The entire Ramsay family were on the red carpet of the Children’s BAFTA’s in London this week and we cannnot get over just how good looking and stylish they all are! Apart from Gordon and wife Tana, we can see 17 year-old Megan, 16 year-olds Holly and Jack, and 14 year-old Matilda.

When we looked at the photos a little bit closer it was hard to believe just how similar the father and son are. They were looking almost identical for the awards night!

The Ramsay family were there to find out if Matilda’s new cooking show would win a prize. The TV show is aimed at children, and follows the Ramsay family’s summer holidays, showcasing Matilda’s recipes.

Images: AAP

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