Looks like another spot has just opened up on popular reality TV show Gogglebox after it was revealed that another favourite couple have decided to quit.

Following the news of Victorian partners Tom And Wayne’s shock departure, it’s been revealed that Angie Kent and Yvie Jones will be following suit and stepping away from the Channel 10 program.

During an Instagram live on Sunday, the Sydney pair answered a bunch of questions from fans relating to their departure. During the stream, Yvie explained that they chose to leave because Angie had moved out of their shared home and it became really difficult to stick to the filming schedule.

“We want to let everyone know the reason we left is because Angie doesn’t live in Sydney anymore,” said Yvie. “It just became really, really hard to do the logistics of being there. Last season she was coming and going and it was just way too difficult, she couldn’t afford it.”

Angie and Yvie have spent four long years watching and commenting on various TV programs on the show and have said that they are leaving the program on good terms.


“We wanted to spread our wings but that doesn’t mean we don’t love Gogglebox. Because we do. There’s no hard feeling there,” said Angie.

On Friday, Gogglebox Australia officially announced that both Angie and Yvie and Tom and Wayne would not be returning to the Logie award winning show.

“After eight amazing seasons @angie_and_yvie and @wayneandtom have decided it’s time to switch off their TVs and farewell #GoggleboxAU,” wrote the network. “We wish you all the best and thank you for all of your incredible TV watching! You will always be a part of the Gogglebox family.”

Of course, while fans of the show are devastated at the news of the departure of two original couples, there’s a silver lining in the fact that Network 10 are now casting for TWO new families to join the show in 2019!


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