After Golden Boy Matthew Johnson rose to fame on popular reality dating show The Bachelor, we would have said that the worst thing he has ever done is break a few girls hearts. But it turns out, the clean cut Matty J might’ve had a bit of a bad boy past!

During a segment of the Cost of Love with his girlfriend Laura Byrne, who won the final rose and Matty’s heart at the end of the show, Matty revealed his dalliance on the wrong side of the law.

The segment sees Kyle and Jackie O quiz the couple on how well they truly know each other but we think we found out more about the former Bachelor than Laura did after he was asked to spill on the most illegal thing he has ever done.


Matty pondered over the question for a moment and at first we thought that he wouldn’t be able to come up with an answer. Kyle and Jackie assumed he would confess that he’d never actually done anything illegal. But that wasn’t the case!

Out of the blue Matty says, “I once threw a rock through a shop window, when I was a young kid”. And to be honest he looked like he absolutely regretted saying it as soon as it had come out of his mouth!

But apparently Matty might not have always been the perfect boy that we all saw on The Bachelor. In fact, Matty went on to say that he had been a bit of a bad boy as a youngster.

“I was young and reckless growing up in the streets of Brisbane,” admitted Matty.

Of course he didn’t go into much more detail about the incident. But during the segment we actually found out that this wasn’t the ONLY illegal thing that Matty had ever done.

During the segment Matty says his answer before we reveal Laura’s pre-recorded answer and see if they match up. But Laura actually revealed ANOTHER thing that Matty had done that was just a tad illegal.


When asked her to say the most illegal thing that her boyfriend Matty had ever done she answered, “peeing in public”.

Well, well, well who knew you were such a bad boy Matty J! Is it just us or does that just make him more attractive… What do you reckon Laura? 

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