I don’t know about you but I often watch Gogglebox and think, ‘Gosh I would have a much better reaction to this show right now’. (Yes that means I watch people on TV, watching TV thinking I could watch TV better than them…It’s TV-inception).

So when we heard the news that the popular reality show might just be looking for new talent our ears perked up immediately! And if you and your family are keen on earning money for doing nothing but sitting on a couch and watching the latest shows then you’ll be keen by this news too!

Could Gogglebox Australia Be Looking For New Talent? 

Of course this fantastic news comes at the cost of some pretty bad news. The reason why we reckon the peeps over at Gogglebox Australia will be looking to cast some new Goggleboxers is due to the fact that two favourites have announced they are leaving the show.

Tom Walsh and Wayne Mott are reportedly leaving the reality TV show after they finish filming this latest season.

Speaking to Benjamin Norris on the Word For Word podcast last week, Tom said that he and his partner would film “three more” episodes before they would be “out of contract”.

And while yes this is disappointing news, it also means that there could be a pretty big spot opening up on the show!


Of course we haven’t heard anything from the people over at Gogglebox yet, but after a quick google search for ‘Gogglebox application’ we’re taken to a website that allows you to enter your information to apply. And it certainly can’t hurt to throw your hat in the ring!

So if you reckon you’ll be able to “watch and comment on TV with you friend, family partner or room-mate?” and often “laugh, squirm, cry and scream at some of the shows you watch” then you’re the perfect candidate for the show!

Sign me up!

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