Gloria Jeans are ready to change the game again, and they know what they’re doing.

Remember when their Tim Tam chillers were all you could think about as a 16-year-old teen?

Well, the new generation will have the likes of three iconic Australian flavours with their Pavlova, Lamington and the cult fave Arnott’s Iced Vovo.

Pavlova Chiller

Shhh, Aussies invented the pav and Gloria Jeans Chiller pav features white chocolate and passionfruit topped with whipped cream, mini meringues, passionfruit drizzle and milk chocolate flakes sprinkled on top!

Lamington Chiller 


Ah, the beloved lamington.

Every kid’s party featured these bad boys stacked on a paper plate and it’s such a quintessentially Aussie experience and flavour.

Chocolate, coconut and cream, you can’t go wrong.




Iced Vovo Chiller

Arnott’s Iced Vovo has taken the internet by storm recently, maybe it’s the pink aesthetic that’s in trend at the moment.

Regardless, the biccy has been an Aussie household favourite since 1906 and Gloria Jeans take of it includes creamy white chocolate, raspberry syrup, whipped cream, coconut and is topped with a real Iced Vovo!

 Pavlova, Lamington and Iced Vovo will be available for a limited time from late November to January 2022.



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