A lot of us often underestimate just how intuitive and smart children are, even from an early age. 

This mother learned the hard way after an argument with her nine-year-old daughter Ellie. 

After insisting Ellie clean her room, she demanded to be sold on Ebay because she no longer wanted to be part of their family. 

In the heat of the moment, the mother joked that no one would buy her anyway… 

Flash forward to later that day and we’re certain this wasn’t the apology letter that the mother was expecting to receive!

The note was shared on parenting group “The Unmumsy Mum’s” Facebook page. 


The letter read “Yes I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong. I am very sorry. But the fact I am poorley and wanted to rest has just

flew out the window. I am sorry but the fact you said no-one would buy me really shattered my heart. At least now I know how ashamed you

are of me. All my Love.”

*Tears* In equal parts horror and amusement. 

It seems she isn’t alone, however, the post has garnered over 4k likes and over 500 comments – many sharing similar stories and notes from 

their own children!

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