I KNOW you guys just read that title and whispered ‘me’ to yourselves. 

Admit it!

A teenager in China was comatosed for FIVE WHOLE DAYS after drinking too much boba tea.

Having 2 cups a day for almost 4 weeks, her sugar levels lead to her hospitalisation.

The 18 year old, now dubbed ‘Bubble Tea Girl’ recorded blood sugar levels 25 TIMES HIGHER THAN NORMAL.

The hospital reported that the girl was in a diabetic coma caused by hyperglycaemia ie) high blood sugar.

She reported common symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis (where your blood creates too much acid to combat the sugar) which include thirst, nausea and peeing a LOT.



Apparently this has happened a few times in China, another case involved a 13 year old boy whose body couldn’t digest the ‘pearls’ in the bubble tea!

When an x-ray was taken of his body, they found the tapioca pearls in large lumps in his intestine and he was admitted for emergency surgery!

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna think twice about drinking bubble tea from now on…

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