It seems since the dawn of the photo message the “dick pic” has become the modern day way of swooning a girl. 

The image screams “here is what my penis looks like, now would you like to meet up with me.”

One snapchat user, Reece has now created a guide demonstrating the numerous ways in which you can present your manhood to another, using simply her finger.

This is for the very confident. With the penis sitting front and centre the recipient is unable to look at anything else really. 
This is for those who are maybe having a bad hair day, but their manhood game is strong. 
This one gives the recipient a little more context, allowing them to gain a perspective of how the penis lies within the rest of the man’s lower body. 
This is often for a beginner, who wishes the recipient to believe it is as big as possible.
This is the most aggressive and should be used very rarely. 
Finally this is a full body shot, allowing the recipient to see the senders face and gain a full perspective on their frame and manhood. This is only to be done, once the others have been mastered. 

Well, thank you Reece. Now we know what to expect. 

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