A giant inflatable Minion wrecked havoc on a motorway in Dublin!

The 40ft minion caused a traffic jam during peak hour after it broke free of its restraints and blew onto the road.

It was part of a nearby children’s funfair when it burst free.

Erin Van Londen witnessed the event, telling The Journal:

“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving.


“They deflated it on the road and then they ended up having to get a wheelbarrow to get it out of the way.”

But the local Councillor got in on the joke, tweeting: “Escaped Minion at Omni in Santry may seem hilarious but its a despicable breach of health & safety.”

One motorist had a side mirror knocked off his car, but there were no injuries.

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Photo: Getty

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