She is hugely in love with Lee Elliott after finding him on the Bachelorette and Georgia Love his hit back at rumours they are contractually obliged to be together.

After two couples from the TV show have split after 18 months, there were rumours swirling around that the couples have to be together but she says that is not the case.

The former WIN journalist, who has been spotted frequently with Lee since the finale, said it irritated her.

‘That really annoyed me, actually, the reports couples split after 18 months together because they were contracted to stay together for 18 months,’ Georgia said.

While she admits contracts could have changed between series, it is very unlikely.

‘I don’t know what contract they had, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same as mine…and there is no contractual obligation whatsoever to stay together two minutes after the show, let alone for 18 months,’ Georgia said. 


 ‘So, for the record, there are no contractual obligations.’

Well, lets see how long her relationship lasts.. if its 18 months.. then…

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