Celebrity Apprentice hasn’t even started yet and we’ve already had a flurry of celebrities taking over Martin Place, an Instagram post announcing a marriage ending – and then a follow up video post showing that everything was back on the mend.

The common thread in all of this, is that Geoffrey Edelsten and wife Gabi Grecko were involved.

Now, Edelsten’s back in the headlines for a different reason. This time, due to what we can only assume is a result of borrowing clothes from wife Grecko, Edelsten experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction.

It’s not the bright head-to-toe orange ensemble, though, that’s wasn’t ideal either – it’s actually due to the fact that poor Edelsten’s man boobs were very poorly disguised as he trapsed through Martin Place with his Celebrity Apprentice cast mates.

Poor Geoffrey!

Source: Daily Mail

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