If we were to give you three guesses at which reality star Geoffrey Edelsten is now dating, who would be at the top of your list?

Perhaps it would be a Playboy bunny? Or a Big Brother contestant?

What if we were to tell you it was someone from The Block?!

That’s right, the serial playboy is now dating former contestant Suzi Taylor… which in all honesty, kinda makes sense.

Photo: Suzi (L) with Vonni (R) on The Block

Having already made headlines for her flirtatious ways, the star has been linked to a producer of the series along with Today Show host Richard Wilkins.

The former Penthouse Pet is known for loving to party, with her topless antics on board a boat captured last year.


Edelsten confirmed the relationship with the Herald Sun, saying he was “euphoric”.

The couple turned heads after attending the opening of a Melbourne bar recently.

Then again, when you see the photo, that’s understandable!

Please, please, please can we have a reality series about this coupling?!

Photos: Getty/The Block

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