Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Tim Dormer, revealed on Kyle and Jackie O this morning that a factor in the pair’s breakup are flirty text messages sent between himself and Gabi. 

‘They could have put our entire fight up as the episode and it would have rated better than the show they put out last night,’ he said. 

Another Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Entertainment reporter, Richard Reid (also on the Kyle and Jackie O Show) said that texts between Tim and Gabi were ‘full on dirty’ and involved a picture. Tim agreed they were ‘flirty.’ 

Previously reported: 

As the couple’s relationship unravelled before our eyes on Celebrity Apprentice, the bad blood between the married pair is getting even worse. Just days after Gabi Grecko accused Geoffrey of being in love with his secretary – a statement posted on social media in the wake of Gabi’s sudden flee to the US – the 72-year-old businessman has some fighting words…

Talking to Daily Mail, Edelsten accuses, ‘The whole pregnancy thing was false. I’m done, we’re divorcing.’


In June this year, news broke (from Gabi) that she had fallen down the stairs and subsequently lost a child she was supposedly carrying. She opened up about her loss on A Current Affair.

Questions have arisen as to the validity of her pregnancy claims, but this is the first time they have been confirmed.  Geoffrey also claims his 26-year-old estranged wife has spent an exorbitant amount of money over the course of their relationship, saying she has almost sent him broke. 

Source: Daily Mail

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