Gary Beadle has always been a smart one when it comes to money.

Since starting in the Geordie Shore house as a 20-something kid, he’s built an empire, choosing to invest his money wisely into clubs, brands, and things that will ensure his opulent lifestyle stays, long after the Geordie Shore doors close.

He’s now a self-made millionaire – and has shown no signs of slowing down.

However, it’s recently been revealed that Gaz is going to be a father!

His partner, Emma, is around half way through her pregnancy – and as a result, it was rumoured that Gaz would not be returning to the Geordie Shore house.

Kyle and Jackie O took the opportunity to find out what he’ll do next.

‘The thing is, everyone on Geordie Shore now – and I’ve been on it a long time, I know that – some of the girls are 21, Marty’s 22, I’m 29 – like, it [the pregnancy] just came at the perfect time.’


‘I remember you used to come in here and say when you’re 30 you don’t want to be doing it and this [the pregnancy] has almost forced your hand,’ Jackie claimed.

‘It’s like, I probably just would have tried to stay there… but now I’m like, I’ve actually got to get out… haha!’ ‘At the minute it’s kind of up in the air with MTV.’

One thing he was sure about, is that if he has a daughter, there’s no way he’d want her on ‘Ex on the Beach’ – he didn’t mention her on Geordie Shore, but Ex on the Beach must have been pretty bad to get a special mention over Geordie Shore…

Gary then mentioned that if Geordie Shore wanted to put a nursery on the side of the house… before stopping himself.


Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him on reality television…

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