Big news for those who haven’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones and FOMO is beginning to kick in.

Some genius has worked out how many eps you can manage a day to catch up just in time for the new and final season, which hits screens on April 14.

“If you start watching two episodes a night right now – you can watch every single episode of Game of Thrones before Season eight starts,” the superfan posted to Reddit.

That’s it, two per day to seamlessly catch up but you need to start now.

I mean, we still reck that even if you start now, it’s gonna be hard to limit yourself to just two a day.

Reddit agreed, one chimed in to say, “there’s no chance I can watch less than four episodes on one sitting. I feel like if I watch one or two I am not as connected to the show and the narrative doesn’t flow properly.”

Another Redditor said “I started my re-watch about the same time they said ‘one a day’, I finished just last night and that took restraint.”


Game of Thrones maths are the maths we can truly get behind.

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