Social media celebrity, Gabi Grecko, has recently come under fire by those who think she is using her recent fall down the stairs as a “stunt” to cover up a fake pregnancy.

Grecko denies the rumour and maintains that she fell down a flight of stairs in her and husband Geoffery Edelsten’s Melbourne apartment, and has been in hospital since Friday. 

The US model and mum-to-be was hospitalised for a fractured rib and a collapsed lung, and posted photos of her in Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital alongside her businessman husband. 

She spoke with Confidential from her hospital bed, and slammed the rumours and said she doesn’t know the status of her unborn baby.

“I would never do this for a stunt,” she said. “I think that’s a horrible thing to say. I’ve been putting off talking to the specialists but I think Geoff knows.”

Grecko said she was recently diagnosed with endometriosis – linked to infetility – and was taking medication for the pain.

“It hurts to breathe, I’m in pain and I can’t even go to the toilet, it takes an hour. I don’t want people to think it was some stunt, that’s why I put the pictures up.”


She announced she was four weeks pregnant over Instagram last week.

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