When you’re an adult and you get given a present that you might not be all too keen on your manners usually prevail as you just grin and bear it, thank the person and tell them just how much you love the weird and whacky thing that they so thoughtfully bought for you.

I remember a couple years back when my dad was gifted a mini chicken rotisserie from his mother. And instead of saying, ‘What in the heck am I supposed to do with this’ he pretended to be over the moon before putting the gadget in our garage where it remains in it’s original packaging today.

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But when you’re a kid and you don’t get the one thing that you really, REALLY wanted for christmas or you get something kinda unexpected it’s a whole different story.

(Well except for this one kid who was very good at faking it…)



After all, young children haven’t really learned to control their emotions properly yet and still have temper tantrums on the reg, and so as expected when these parents pulled some pretty cruel (but hilarious) christmas present fails on their kids the results weren’t exactly pretty.

Watch the video above to see the funniest compilation of christmas present fail reactions! We dare you to get through it without crying of laughter (and without concocting your own plans for Christmas next year!)

We swear we’re already on the naughty list for next year after laughing at these cruel tricks!

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