Okay, okay, so that game show that we all desperately wanted the chance to play (what with those wicked wango cards and the hopping bonus) after watching it on TV isn’t actually coming to Sydney.

But if you know everything there is to know about this episode and every other episode for that matter of the TV Show Friends, then you might be interested in another game of sorts that’s heading our way.

A FRIENDS themed trivia night is heading to a pub in Sydney next month! And could we BE anymore ready for this quiz?!

It’s all going down at The Lansdowne in Chippendale on July 21 at 3pm for the perfect Sunday sesh!

Not only will the night be filled with questions about the six friends that we all know and love, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey, but there will also be prizes on offer!

Tickets will only set you back $10 and you can purchase them online here!


So if you know your Phoebe from your Ursula, which girlfriend Joey was dating when and why Ross ended up with the world’s worst tan in history, then get together your group of pals who you know will be there for you and organise a table!

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