Who is Freelee the Banana Girl?

Well, she WAS unhealthy – to say the least.

She took drugs, she was bullimic, anorexic, alcoholic… Etc.

“I was a mess and I tried to hide it behind makeup and a well-rehearsed smile.”

“Fast forward a few years and I was suffering big time… exhausted, pimply, farty, overweight.”

Then she discovered the “30 Bananas A Day” diet – a raw and vegan diet.

Freelee lost a LOT of weight, and started feeling way better.


Then she went one step further and invented the “raw til four” diet, where she eats unlimited fruit during the day, then a cooked, high carb, vegan dinner at night.

“So for breakfast I might have 10-15 bananas, for lunch maybe ten mangoes and then unlimited pasta, rice or potatoes for dinner,” she told Kyle and Jackie O.

The interview below.

Check out the before and after shots – do you think this is a good diet idea?


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Photos: Instagram.com/freeleethebananagirl

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