Fran Drescher is one woman that everyone’s talking about at the moment! And not just because she just announced a virtual reunion of ‘The Nanny’.

The actress joined The Today Show here in Australia yesterday to chat about the announcement and well, it was interesting.

In fact, hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon struggled to hold back their laughter during the interview as Fran basically just wouldn’t stop talking!

The six-minute interview has since gone a bit viral as Fran just kept talking and talking and talking, even as Karl tried to interrupt her to ask an actual question.

Fran spoke about how she’s coping at home in self-isolation, things she thinks we can use to combat coroanvirus, details about ‘The Nanny’ reunion and more as Karl and Alli tried desperately to hide their fits of giggles.


Karl finished the interview by saying sarcastically, “that’s all we have time for”. He later shared some clips from the interview on Instagram with the cheeky caption, “speechless…”.

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And well, since then people have been laughing about just how chatty Fran Drescher was! And so when she joined Kyle and Jackie O on the phone this morning for a chat about the reunion, she decided to clear the air and explain what happened.

Turns out, it all came down to some technical difficulties!

“I just want to say in my own defence, I could not see of hear those people on The Today Show,” Fran told us.


“And so once I got the first question I felt like I just have a lot of information to impart to people that are in need of practical solutions to this current health crisis.

“When I looked at it, although I found what I said very helpful, you know it was kind of unfortunate that I didn’t even know. I couldn’t hear them and I Couldn’t see them,” she continued.

Kyle told Fran that he understood where she was coming from and that he finds TV interviews incredibly hard to do via video link.

“Imagine the worst phone quality you could ever imagine… It’s always bad doing a link,” Kyle said.

Fran said that at least she could redeem herself later on when she joined Today Extra and they asked her to make sure her answers were short and sharp so that the hosts could ask her multiple questions.

“I did better in terms of listening,” she said.


Fran Drescher and the entire ‘The Nanny’ cast will be doing a virtual reunion for everyone stuck at home amid the coronavirus pandemic next week!

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Hope springs eternal…

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You can hear the details about this in our full interview with Fran in the podcast below!

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