It’s not all that unusual for guests to bring in gifts or various products with them in studio for Kyle and Jackie O, but today when our former radio rivals Hamish and Andy came in for their interview ahead of the upcoming season of True Story, they presented the guys with hands down the best present we’ve ever come across.

But this wasn’t something that they had meticulously planned before coming in for their interview. In fact, the gift was actually something they had found while having a little sticky beak around our own offices. 

The present in question was for our very own Kyle Sandilands and it was something that shocked him to his very core. But before they presented the item to Kyle, they first asked him a question.

“We were wandering through the building having a little sticky beak and we found this,” started Andy. “What happened in May 2016?” asked Hamish.

Kyle had absolutely no clue what the boys were on about, but they assured him that it was the biggest day of his life. This is when they presented him with the gift that they had found.


“We can tell you what happened, because we found the award,” said Hamish. “It says, ‘Kyle Sandilands Employee of the Month May 2016’”, finished Andy.

Kyle was gobsmacked! He had absolutely no idea that he’d ever won such an award or why! But there it was, a plaque with his name on it and everything!

As for why he received the award, Hamish and Andy had some ideas up their sleeve as to why Kyle might have been presented with such a prestigious honour all that time ago.

Watch the video above to find out their theories!

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