It felt a bit like a reunion of long-lost family members when we got former radio jock Andy Lee on air this morning but things took a quick turn when Andy took some cheeky jabs at Kyle live on air.

Andy was on this morning to chat about his new media venture, joining the cast of ‘Talkin Bout Your Generation’ with host Shaun Micallef as it is resurrected and brought to Channel 9.

Kyle and Jackie both admitted that they’d never watched the show before and so they asked Andy to explain the concept behind it.

The cheekiness of course originated with Kyle, as he asked Andy if it was that show where you would open up a door and a doctor or someone would be there waiting for you. (No Kyle, we all know that’s ‘Thank God You’re Here’ and don’t pretend that you didn’t think it was a fabulous show!)

But Andy, who is definitely known for his cheeky comedy, got back at Kyle as he tried to explain the basis behind the show.


“This one I mean is essentially just three generations getting asked questions about their generations,” explained Andy.

He then tried to give a helpful example to Kyle, but ended up doing one of the something that no one should EVER do. He assumed that Kyle was MUCH older than he actually is!

“So what generation are you Kyle?” asked Andy. “Are you a baby boomer or?”

To which, Kyle replied, “no, no how DARE you!”.

In case you’re unaware, the baby boomer generation is anyone born between the years 1946 and 1964, meaning they would be aged in their mid fifties to 70s! Where as Kyle is actually in Gen X, meaning he was born between the mid 1960s and mid 1980s.

So yeah, OUCH!


Thankfully, Kyle brushed past the remark, after all, knowing Andy it was simply meant as a harmless joke between old friends, and they continued on with the interview. Listen to the entire chat in the video above!

Talkin ‘Bout Your Generation starts tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9. 

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