Following news of her blossoming romance with celebrity chef Adriano Zumbo, former My Kitchen Rules contestant Nelly Riggio has hit out at critics, defending her relationship with the dessert king.  

The couple appeared very much in love as Riggio shared an insight into her life with the 35-year-old, posting videos of her new beau making fruit salad on their Maldives holiday.  

Zumbo is seen topless preparing the dessert as Riggio giggles in delight. While the couple’s dessert wasn’t quite as fancy as his signature croquembouche, Riggio seemed super impressed.  

Booya !! 👊💥 #maldives #islandlife #loveheart #pastrylife #dessert #zumbo #mygirl #coconut @nelly.riggio

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However, their love bubble was burst when one follower labelled the former reality star fake saying: ‘Fame can do weird things to ppl. Maybe she’s just fake fake fake… Did you see that clip of her drinking a shoty then swearing like a sailor -b**** is FAKE!!!! (sic)’

Riggio hit back, responding: ‘Firstly, I’m not famous. Secondly, damn girl get a life.’ 


The couple made headlines last week when they went public with their relationship. Nelly was best known on the reality shows as one half of the ‘love birds.’ Last week her former boyfriend, JP Huillet wished the couple the best posting: ‘Just so everyone knows I’m happy and healthy and wish nothing but the best for everyone involved,’ he wrote for the intention of pointing out ex Nelly and her new flame Zumbo.

However, Huillet admitted it have been a ‘tough time.’ It’s unclear when the former ‘lovebirds’ called it quits. We just hope JP is ok!  

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