Seven years on from appearing on reality show The Biggest Loser and being crowned runner-up, Alison Braun has revealed her incredible continued weight loss.

Braun, 42, appeared on the show in 2008 hoping to shed some pounds, and she’s dropped 66kg in the years since.

Writing on Facebook, she said, “When I wake up at 4.50am, my routine is turn off alarm, take Pre trainer [supplement], have shower [and] put on gym clothes… this is my clockwork routine everyday!”

She said that she will never go down to “skin and bones”, as she wants to retain her womanly features.

Braun is putting in the hard yards for her amazing figure, but has admitted that it’s hard to shift some of the excess weight from years ago, especially around her stomach.


Lycra…who would have thought it would ever be my friend! #skinsstopthewobble #lycrajunkie

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We think she looks fantastic!

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