In a way similar to jealous kids who wonder why we don’t have a ‘kids day’ when there’s days out there to specifically celebrate mums and dad’s, Kyle had a suggestion for a new day to add to our annual calendar.

A Kyle and Jackie O Day! And what would it celebrate? All things Kyle and Jackie O of course.

Kyle and Jackie were chatting about their weekends and the celebrations that they had for Mother’s day when Kyle started to get a little jealous.

While we all know Kyle isn’t that keen on having kids, (yet anyway), Kyle seemed to be annoyed at the fact that there wasn’t a day out there that would specifically celebrate him like mother’s and father’s have.

Of course everyone has their birthday, but as Kyle said, “that’s just not enough”, and so Jackie suggested that they should just create their own day. The Kyle and Jackie O day that would roll around each year and just celebrate them.


Of course, Kyle was all for it! “What a wonderful idea,” he said.

Watch the video above to find out the plan that Kyle and Jackie had to roll out their annual holiday!

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