Do you remember reading about the messenger services designed for revenge?

Yeah, it was pretty much the kind of thing you’d expect to see Emily Thorne send to Victoria Grayson; a gift designed for your enemies.

We’ve had exploding glitter parcels that leave the recipient with a week’s worth of mess to clean up, the fart fragrances, which are pretty self explanatory – and even poop mail – also very self explanatory.

Now, there’s a slightly quirkier service in town. Potatoes.

Yep, offers little information, other than you have the option to send a small, medium or large to someone with a message on it.

I don’t know why anyone would do this – and I can’t really imagine anyone wanting to send a positive message to someone on a potato – but there is something delicious about the randomness of it all – or maybe I’m just thinking about fries.


However, when trawling through the website, I did see one tweet that had been shared – and I have to say, I definitely saw the humorous side.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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