Kyle and Jackie O weren’t really sure where this segment would go when we announced that one of our listeners, Mercedes would be coming in for a brand new segment called ‘Flower Gossip’.

Mercedes is a long time Kyle and Jackie O listener and a flower expert and last week she called us to ask if she could come in to talk about her floral passion.

Little did we know that when she did, we would actually hear some good advice!

In fact, Kyle was pretty apprehensive about doing ‘Flower Gossip’ all morning until he heard this one fact! After which he was raving about it!

The reason being that Mercedes gave us some advice on how to use flowers to your advantage when it comes to the bedroom – obviously this tickled Kyle’s fancy immediately!

Mercedes was telling us which flowers we should be buying for someone when taking the out on a date. She told us that people often think if red roses straight away but that this isn’t actually a good match for a number of reasons!

“What flowers do I buy for a date?” Mercedes begun. “For the listeners, everyone thinks, ‘Oh red roses’.


“Look roses are a relaxant so anything that’s romantic and if she’s really not that into you, she’s going to be on the nod.”

In other words, buy your date some roses if you’re keen on putting her to sleep, not getting them into bed.

“So you need to think exciting, vibrant flowers and the topic is tropical cut flowers,” Mercedes continued.

“Tropical cut flowers, and you think about it, we’re in Sydney. If we go now to Cairns we’re different people. Our mood changes, we’ve got more spring in our step… So that’s what we need on the date.

“Let’s be optimistic. You’re guaranteed a home run with tropical cut flowers.”

So we’re talking your Birds Of Prey, Amaryllis, Dendrobium and other varieties of orchids etc.


Speaking of the orchids, Mercedes also told us that these flowers are particularly helpful if you’re looking to start a family!

“The meaning of orchids in general is prosperity and fertility, so if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to have orchids in your room,” Mercedes told us.

Well there you go! We might not have known too much about flowers before today but we certainly do now!

Who thinks Flower Gossip should become a new regular segment? Anyone?