Apparently common decency and hygiene are foreign concepts while travelling through the air. 

While being a flight attendant used to be seen as a glamorous career, we’re not so sure after searching through some of these hashtags. 

Flight attendants are turning more and more to social media to shame passengers who do the wrong thing and hopefully in the process educate the public that some things just are not ok while flying. 

#Crewlife #Passengershaming #BringingBackTheGlamour are all popular hashtags across social media platforms allowing flight attendants to vent. 

While passenger shaming people who use your armrest as a foot stool and manspreading have had their fair share of airtime, Passenger Shaming on Facebook has seen much, much worse. 

Urine tied up in plastic bags because people can’t be bothered to walk the 15m to the bathroom? Sure! 

Plucking hairs and cutting toenails? Sadly not uncommon. 


Dirty nappies and other hugely unhygienic items left behind? Left to the flight attendants to deal with. 

‘Both the blog and my social media are a place for cabin crew to come, have a laugh, share their pictures and stories. I also share lots of old pictures of the “jet-set” era with our #BringingBackTheGlamour pictures,’ Dan Air, the alias behind the Confessions Of  A Trolley Dolley blog, told Daily Mail.

We feel so sorry for what they have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Would you want to be a flight attendant after seeing these photos? 

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