You may not know it yet, but later this week, you have a very good chance of winning $5,000 – and all you need to do is make a phone call and get on air.

Yep, in the next instalment of ‘You Get A…’ it’s $5,000 bundles that are being tossed to Kyle and Jackie O’s listeners.

So, if you think some extra cash would be nice, but aren’t sure what you’d spend it on? We’ve got a few ideas…

Book a return trip to Hawaii – I hear Waikiki is very nice this time of year.

Buy an electric scooter – $5k may not mean you can give up work, but you certainly don’t need to sit in traffic on your way there anymore.

Start your own business – Just buy your stock, or try drop-shipping for even lower overheads.


See the Australian coast in style – Do a night in each town as you make your way up and down the east coast.

Throw a HUGE party for all your mates – I’m seeing a big boat, and A LOT of champagne on the harbour.

THE BEST bit? The cash goes to every caller who makes it to air with Kyle and Jackie O – and they’re promising to take more calls than EVER BEFORE!

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