Fitness guru, Emily Anderson is suing her ex-business partner for $500,00 for allegedly stealing her money for his other businesses. 

Emily, a gold-coast model and body builder, launched her company ‘Emily Skye 30 Day 2 Shred’ in 2013 with Steven Evans as a joint director. 

However Mr Evans is the husband of fitness queen Ashy Bines, Emily’s competition. Steven is supposedly behind the launch of his wife’s massive online profile.

Steven allegedly contacted Emily via Facebook, proposing a business partnership and promising to ‘make something’ of her like he did with his wife Ashy. 

Ms Anderson’s company is now seeking damages against Mr Evans for up to $501,619 for allegedly spending the business’ money on personal items and expenses relating to other businesses. One of the payments listed in Emily’s claim is said to have paid $2500 to Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge (his wife’s business). 


Mr Evans has since resigned however Emily is seeking to reclaim lost company assets. 

Emily has 3 million social media followers and about 70,000 girls worldwide following her clean eating and fitness program. 

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