We’ve all known for some time now that something wasn’t quite right with Britney’s conservatorship…

She’s been in the headlines a lot this past year alone as she tried to free herself from it.

At the beginning of August her father, Jamie Spears stepped down from his role and begun to petition to end the conservatorship.

This happened directly after Britney accused him of ‘conservatorship abuse’ in the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse on June 23rd which was the first time she was allowed to address the court publicly, and she even asked the judge that day to ‘press charges’ against her father.

So what is the truth, what has really been happening to Britney Spears over the last 13 years?

You can watch the trailer below.

It begins with audio from her 23rd June court date where she states, “I just want my life back.”


“I’ve worked my whole life, I don’t owe people anything.”

The documentary heavily implies that corruption is at the core of the conservatorship, with multiple people make huge amounts of money off Britney’s lack of freedom.

“There was financial incentives for Jamie, for the lawyers,” a voiceover says, “Britney made other people a lot of money.”

But the crux of the trailer is when they reveal someone who was deep inside the conspiracy leaked confidential information to the documentary makers, potentially revealing brand new information about the whole case!

There’s a variety of interviews from legal experts, medical experts, Britney’s ex Adnan Ghalib.

Filmmaker Erin Lee Carr has been working on this for over a year and seems to have calculated it down to the date.


Britney Vs. Spears will drop on Netflix on September 28 and coincidentally (or not) September 29th is Britney’s next and important court date… to date!

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