Sophie Holmes, 28, was pregnant with her first child when her waters broke and she began to have contractions 14 days early.

Sophie, and her partner Dan, went to the hospital immediately but were told there was no way Sophie was in labour as her cervix had not yet dilated.

They were told to go home and Sophie was advised to take a hot bath.

They returned to their home in Southend, Essex, and an hour later when Sophie was sitting on the toilet (as that was the place where she felt the most comfortable) she looked down to see her baby’s head.

Instincts took over and Sophie jumped up and managed to catch her baby has she delivered it, hovering above her bathroom floor.


“I’m just grateful I saved her, but furious at the hospital.

“I had to have my baby alone in the bathroom and it could have gone down the toilet,” Sophie said.

Baby Olivia arrived into the world weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz.

The hospital in question are investigating the case and say they are “sorry” she is unhappy.


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