It’s been a whirlwind of a three weeks for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston and now it is getting even busier!

Taylor and Tom have just landed in Sydney ahead of Tom beginning filming on Thor : Ragnarokdown in Queensland.

Clearly, the lovebirds cannot keep away from each other..

Tom left Los Angeles on July 6 and surprised everyone by taking Taylor with him.

Taylor and Tom arriving at lAX in LA. . . #hiddleswift #tomhiddleston #taylorswift

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The lovebirds left Taylor’s Rhode Island home on Wednesday, following a huge 4th July party and with Tom about to film Thor : Ragnarokdown in Australia, it appears Taylor could not help being separated for too long.



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A source close to the couple told HollywoodLife ‘’Taylor is trying not to think far into the future about what will happen with the relationship because Tom has to spend time on set right now. But she is already talking to friends about the idea of spending a few months in Australia to be with him while he has to work.’’

So, she could be here for a long time, with filming set to continue right through until October.

Taylor currently has no tour commitments but rumours are she is already working on a new album, which clearly, could all be made here on Aussie soil.

This is super exciting!

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