Fergie’s new music video basically set the internet on fire.

The video for MILF$ dropped over the weekend with all her fellow celebrity mums dressed down.

There is one thing we were not expecting to happen following the release of the video and that’s the inclusion of Fergie’s son Axl on set.

Fergie shared a behind-the-scenes snap of the duo on Instagram on Wednesday.

She captioned the photo ‘’My little monkey loved this banana split,’’

In the photo, Fergie and Axl are staring ahead as the blond-haired toddler gets stuck into a sweet treat with a smile across his face.

My little monkey loved this banana split.

A photo posted by Fergie (@fergie) on


Fergie still has all her make up on from the shoot as well as the same make-up and hair. Dressed in a pinkish red wig and skintight waitress uniform made of latex, the Mum looks amazing when sat next to her son.

The artist has spoken out about the video, saying that although there are sexual undertones, the clip was about ‘’Being a mom and having a career, taking care of yourself and still being able to be flirty and fun and a little naughty sometimes – there’s nothing wrong with that.’’

She continued to say ‘’Society tries to tell moms what they should and shouldn’t be, and it’s just a little freeing to have fun with pushing those limits a bit.’’

It’s quite a video.

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