A US fashion label has come under fire on social media after they released a sweatshirt to their store with an incredibly inappropriate slogan. And to be honest we can’t believe that anyone actually signed off on this hitting the shelves.

Plus-size model and body positivity ambassador Tess Holliday is the one who first called out the retailer Revolve for releasing a jumper that literally reads: “being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse.”

In an image posted to Revolve’s website the sweatshirt in question can be seen modelled on a skinny brunette model. Tess tweeted a picture of the jumper along with the caption: “LOLLLLL @Revolve ya’ll are a mess.”

The slogan is written on the sweatshirt as a quote and underneath is the origin: “as said to @palomija” which is the Instagram handle for Paloma Elsesser, a famous plus-size model.

As it turns out, the sweater has been designed by LPA as part of a larger collection with the intention of calling out things that trolls have said online. But many people think that they’ve missed the mark a bit, seeming to glorify the comments rather than shut them down.


After receiving bad feedback, LPA said, “the sweatshirts went up early on Revolve for some reason but it’s a collaboration with five women with the worst troll quotes.”

“The point was to shine a light on how horrible trolling is. The proceeds benefit charity. So basically it’s the opposite of what it seems,” wrote the brand in a DM to social issues advocate Florence Given.

Actress Lena Dunham originally collaborated with LPA on this collection and she has since taken to social media to clarify the basis behind the designs and to express her anger over how Revolve represented them incorrectly.

“…Without consulting me or any of the women involved, @revolve presented the sweatshirts on thin white women never thinking about the fact that different and individuality is what gets you punished on the Internet, or that lac of diversity in representation is a huge part of the problem,” she wrote on Instagram.


“As a result, I cannot support this collaboration or lend my name to it in any way.”

Revolve has since issued a statement regarding the controversy saying, “This morning, images of a forth coming LPA collection were prematurely released on Revolve.com.

“The capsule collection – originally conceived by LPA alongside Lena Dunham, Paloma Elsesser and other inspiring women – was set to debut tomorrow as a direct commentary on the modern day “normality” of cyber-bullying and the shared desire to create a community for those most affected by the epidemic.”



They have also decided to pull the collection and will now donate $20,000 to “Girls Write Now”, a foundation that aims to help young women find their voices through writing.

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