A family over in the US has been left absolutely heartbroken after their beloved pet dog Moses was accidentally put down by staff at an animal shelter.

Fox News are reporting that Tony Wang and his wife Jennifer had a city maintenance worker show up unexpectedly in their backyard over in Illinois when their dog was scared by the stranger and became protective.

Moses allegedly bit the worker on the leg and the couple immediately took the worker to see a doctor. They also called animal control to inform them about the incident.

As a result the family was told that their pet would have to go to a shelter to be quarantined a period of 10 days to make sure he didn’t have rabies.

Mrs Wang said that her family was upset that Moses would have to be away from them for over a week. However, a few days later they were contacted by the animal shelter and left in absolute distress when they were told that Moses had been “accidentally euthanised”.

“I thought it was a cruel prank,” said Mrs Wang. “I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

The director of the shelter remains unsure exactly how the mistake was made but said that he was told to put down a “gold-coloured” dog and assumed that this dog was Moses.


The shelter confirmed in a statement to WMBD-News that someone had “mistakenly” euthanised a dog and that they “truly regret” what has happened.

Mr Wang told WMBD news that when they asked if the director verified if he was putting down the correct dog he told them that he hadn’t but he “went ahead and did it” anyway.

He also said that his six-year-old son, Keloan, cried himself to sleep when he found out that his pooch had been killed.

The family is now considering legal action to hold the shelter accountable for their negligence. They have set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for legal costs.

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