A family in NSW has been left in shock after a father tragically passed away on Father’s Day after suffering a sneezing fit.

34-year-old Paul Doe collapsed early on September 2 at his Hunter Valley home after having a sneezing fit. He never regained consciousness.

Mr Doe was seemingly fit and healthy, having been at work only the day before, telling his colleagues how much he was looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with his 18-month-old son Travis.

Mr Doe’s wife Belinda wrote on Facebook that the incident happened suddenly. She called triple zero as soon as she realised something was wrong and initially performed CPR but when paramedics arrived they couldn’t revive him.

The initial post mortem results revealed that Paul was suffering from emphysema and had a faulty aortic valve in his heart, however the final cause of death is not yet known.  

A GoFundMe page has since been set up to help support the family, describing the 34-year-old father as a man who was “always happy and smiling”.

“Paul being so young was obviously not prepared for this and that is why we are working hard to try and raise as much money as we can,” said the GoFundMe page.


Mr Doe and his wife had just bought their first home in the Hunter Valley. His wife continued to say on Facebook that she had been overwhelmed by support since her husband’s sudden death.

“Paul always used to tease me about my optimism and blind faith in people where he was always a little more cautious about this,” she wrote.

“I guess you could say we balanced each other out in that way. I can’t help but laugh and tease him back now as I say a big fat I told you so’ to him. He would be totally blown away by all of this.”

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