It’s funny what people will say when under pressure… 

Family Feud is a great family game that has Australia hooked and after celebrating their one year anniversary this week, released some of the funniest moments on the show so far. 

From ridiculous answers to the absurd, these will surely bring a smile to your face. 

We had a good giggle at the below… also compiled a list of some of the best answers we’ve seen this year. 

Seriously, people actually said this!?!?!?! 


Q: Apart from hello, what’s a popular greeting?
A: Goodbye.

Q: Name something you associate with goats.
A: Neigh.

Q: Name something you associate with trucks.
A: Big trucks.

Q: Name a real or fictional woman who married a prince.
A: Princess … Leia.

Q: Something you might see at a golf club.
A: Goats.

Q: Name a yellow fruit.
A: Orange.


Q: Name a Christmas present you’ll find hard to wrap.
A: Shooting star.

Q: Something France is famous for.
A: Big Ben.

Q: You can never trust anyone who has a …
A: Shower.

Q: Name an animal you might see at an African watering hole.
A: Platypus.

Q: Name a type of badge.
A: A ……. chicken.

Q: Name an Australian city starting with B.
A: Berlin.


Q: Name a way of serving prawns.
A: Raw.

Q: Name another word for smart.
A: Dart.

Q: Name a type of bell.
A: Dingle.

Q: Name a word beginning with Q.
A: Knitting.

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