It’s not unusual for “shock jock” Kyle Sandilands to appear in the news but if you’ve recently seen an article pop up about him investing in Bitcoin, Kyle has just one message for you about this…


This morning a caller brought to our attention that a publication had written an article about Kyle investing in the cryptocurrency platform. The headline said:

“BREAKING NEWS: Kyle Sandilands Invests $1,000,000 In To New Bitcoin Trading System – Revolutionizing The Financial Industry (Legal Tax-Free Cash In just 30 Days!)”

The article makes the story seem legit by going as far as to add QUOTES from Kyle himself and embedding tweets from an account named “Kyle Sandilands”. But this is where the article starts to unravel and is proven fake.

First of all, anyone who knows Kyle would know that he absolutely hates social media and does not use twitter. Not only that, but the photo of the guy that actually owns the account looks NOTHING like our Kyle.

There are many other factors about this site that point to it being a scam. For starters, the comments down the bottom were all written at the exact same time. Also, two of the commenters have the same image despite having different names…


The site also has a pretty suspicious web address and it’s pretty difficult to distinguish which publication the article is actually on.

But if these signs weren’t enough to convince you, Kyle took the opportunity on air to tell everyone that this is an absolute scam and he has never invested in Bitcoin.

“All of this is fake,” said Kyle. “I’ve not invested one cent in Bitcoin.”

So just a PSA for everyone out there. If you read an article about Kyle’s Bitcoin success and you felt compelled to invest in it yourself, this is a SCAM! Invest at your own risk people.

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