First Instagram, now Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg seems to have a mega-crush on Snapchat; for the second time in a week, one of his companies has introduced a fun new feature that bears uncanny resemblances to everyone’s favourite instant pic app.

Instagram kicked it off with Instagram Stories, and EVERYONE cried copycat – after they’d tried it out, of course.

But now Facebook is getting in on the action, with a new feature making it easier for people to upload in-the-moment pics.

Oh, and they can add filters, frames and masks, too… Definitely reminds us of something.

The fun new update was given a trial during the opening ceremony of this year’s Olympics; users lucky enough to have a go saw a new camera option at the top of their News Feed, making posting live photos and videos even simpler. 

At the moment, the filters are all about team colours in honour of the Games but it probably won’t be long until we can get our hands on a flower crown filter or two as well.


Sounds like Snapchat is going to have to up its game.

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