‘Fess up: How often do you really change your bedsheets?

Are we talking every single Sunday? Twice a month? Whenever you get around to it?

Because we’ve just come across what is possibly the best – and most stomach-churning – reason for turning your laundry habits upside-down and getting that linen into a hot wash every seven days.

And it has nothing to do with the smell.

Nope. According to Mary Marlowe Leverette, a fabric care expert, an unclean bed can lead to a whole host of nasty health issues.

“During sleep, we continue to perspire, and body oils and soil are released,” she told ATTN. “It is possible to find saliva, urine, genital fluids, and fecal matter in the fibers.

“If the [sheets] are not washed regularly, and the occupant has scratches or wounds, they can become infected. 


“Athlete’s foot and other fungi can be transferred from fabrics.”

Oh, and the longer you leave between washes, the more chance your doona, pillows and mattress will become cross-contaminated too.

“Infrequent cleaning of sheets and pillowcases allows the fluids to seep into the pillows and mattresses, and those are much more difficult to clean than tossing sheets in the washer.”

So there you have it. Strip that bed once a week or risk sleeping among “seeping fluids”.

If anyone needs us, we’ll be boiling our bedlinen.

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