Troy and Carly are the latest couple to come out of the Married at First Sight experiment, despite the fact that they weren’t actually paired together by the experts! 

Troy was originally paired with Ashley, while Carly was married to Justin but after both of these relationships didn’t work out they managed to find love with each other. 

And so because we didn’t get to see their relationship blossom throughout the show, Kyle and Jackie O had a lot of questions for the pair when they came in to have a chat this morning. 

“The first night you two made love, what were you thinking Troy?”, asked Kyle. “Were you thinking, ‘I hope I do great’. What goes through your mind.”

Now this is where we were very shocked at Troy’s response and we honestly don’t think that he thought through the words that came out of his mouth. 

“Well Carly actually popped my cherry,” revealed Troy!! Following which he burst into a fit of laughter. 

Now maybe he didn’t realise what this saying actually means because he began to back track REAAAAAL quick after that. 


“Were you really a virgin?” asked Kyle. “It doesn’t matter if you were.” Troy continued to laugh…

Of course there were some rumours circling during the show claiming that Troy was a virgin but with the amount of time he spent banging on about wanting to get intimate with his ex-wife Ash we didn’t really think there was much truth to this piece of gossip. 

“Was that really your first sexual encounter?”, pushed Kyle. At this point Troy clearly realised the meaning behind his words and quickly changed his tune.

“It would have been nice to have waited for such an incredible girl like Carly,” replied Troy before admitting that he had been intimate with one or two women before. 

Maybe he just meant that Carly was so good it was like doing it for the first time? It’s possible he was just referring to popping the cherry between the two of them? Or maybe in true Troy fashion he just had no clue what he was saying at all. Think before you speak next time Troy!

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