Well, Married At First Sight promised an explosive final Dinner Party and last night they definitely delivered. From couple swapping, to bitch fights, to near punch ons, this episode was jack packed with all of the drama and we couldn’t have loved it more.

If we had to pick out a shining moment from the oh so many golden pieces of television that we witnessed in the episode, we would have to say that Tracey showing up with one of the other grooms has to take the cake.

Yep, a few days ago we reported that Tracey was definitely in a new relationship but it wasn’t until last nights ep when she started making out with Sean that the lucky man was confirmed.

But while Tracey and Sean might be an item, there appeared to still be something going on between Dean and Tracey after Sean accused Dean of sending her inappropriate text messages. In fact, Sean got so fired up about it that anyone would think Dean had been trying to get back with Tracey in these alleged texts.

And so when Tracey and Sean came in to speak with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, they decided to find out what was said in this so called ‘inappropriate’ exchange.

“What kind of messages was he sending?”, asked Jackie.

“He was just filling me in on some of the girls he was seeing and I don’t need to know that information,” replied Tracey.


So he wasn’t sending messages to get Tracey back he was trying to make her JEALOUS!

“I obviously told him that Sean and I were together out of respect,” continued Tracey. “So he would come back about the types of girls…He liked to keep me up to date with what he was doing.”

“What kind of responses do you send to that?”, asked Jackie.

“I would brush it off to be honest,” responded Tracey. “I should have been harder on him.”

So according to Tracey these are the messages that caused Sean to lose his cool with Dean at the Dinner Party. But if you thought last night was explosive, just WAIT until tonight’s final episode. Apparently every single piece of dirty laundry from the season will be aired out to dry including the truth behind the Dean and Davina scandal and the infamous boys night.

The final episode of Married At First Sight airs tonight 7:30pm on Channel 9.

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