The BOMBSHELL finale week of Married At First Sight begun last night and they kicked it off with an absolute dousey.

Tracey and Dean have been the number one unstable couple of the season (it’s been a tough competition for that number one spot though) with Dean portrayed as the man who struggles with commitment.

But throughout the show, we have been taken on this journey with Dean that ended with him actually using the L word towards Tracey and wanting to continue the relationship outside of the experiment.

However, this wasn’t the most surprising part of the episode. You know how with some people the relationship is all about the chase, and once that’s over so is their entire interest in the relationship?

Well, Tracey has said ‘Stay’ throughout the entire experiment, even throughout Dean’s commitment issues, cheating scandal and the boys night ordeal, forcing Dean to work hard for her forgiveness. But it turns out all that it would take for Tracey to say ‘Leave’ was for Dean to profess his love for her!

“Unfortunately Dean, you don’t deserve me,” said Tracey in last night’s finale episode, crushing his heart in one foul swoop. “I’m so sorry Dean.”

But apparently, Tracey has since found someone who DOES deserve her! Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning after her savage break-up with Dean, Tracey revealed that she has found romance since finishing up on the show.


“Have you found romance since?” asked Kyle.

“I have yes, I have found romance,” responded Tracey, slightly reluctantly.

“Anyone we know?”, continued Kyle. “I bet it’s one of the others.”

“It’s not one of the others is it?” added Jacked.

You might remember that Tracey has been spotted numerous times with Sean, one of the other Hubby’s from the show. There was also rumours that something may have happened between Tracey and the millionaire Justin.

“I’m not going to say,” replied Tracey in between nervous giggles.


Well if she WASN’T with one of the other grooms, why not just deny it? Hmm seems a bit guilty to us!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if we can spot any sparks flying between Tracey and either Sean or Justin at the final dinner party that will air this week!

Married at First Sight finale week continues tonight at 7:30pm on channel 9.