While everyone else was resting over the long weekend the Kyle and Jackie O team was sent out on a serious expedition. The mission? To find the illusive black panther that is rumoured to be roaming around bushland across Sydney and get definitive proof that it exists.

This mission came after we had been discussing the legend of the Panther on the show for a few weeks. Many people had been calling up with crazy panther stories while others had been claiming that no such animal existed in Australia.

We wanted to put the rumours to rest once and for all and so what better way to do so than to send our producers into the heart of the bush with nothing but a couple of go pros to capture proof of the animal.

Sadly, during our search no black panther was uncovered, but this isn’t because it doesn’t exist! It was actually because we had just been looking in the wrong places!

Low and behold on the very same day the Panther was actually spotted by someone in the Blue Mountains and captured in a video just two hours away from where our team had been hiking.


One of our listeners Steven had been fishing with his partner in Kanimbla, just west of the Megalong Valley, when they spotted the strange creature.

“We were down there fishing and we thought we’ll go and have a look at this new development that’s up on the hill, a big church,” explained Steven. “We went up there to have a look and my partner Belinda said ‘look at that over there, it looks like a big black cat.”

Luckily for us, Steven was quick thinking and managed to get his phone out to film the large creature before it got away. And by the looks of things, it certainly appears a black panther!


Kyle and Jackie O were convinced that Steven had captured the real black panther, but are you? Let us know in the comments!

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