Nerves were running high before the winner was announced on I’m A Celebrity Australia last night.

The final two had been revealed as Shannon Noll and Fiona O’Loghlin and while a lot of people across the nation loved Fiona’s time on the show, we don’t think a single person could handle seeing Nollsie become a runner up…AGAIN! But sadly, this is exactly what happened.

The hosts said, “And the winner is” *insert drumroll* “FIONA!!”. And once again Australia played witness to another massive robbery.

Of course, we were super happy for Fiona, but being a true-blue Aussie icon, our heart truly went out to Nollsie. And so Kyle and Jackie O decided to get him on the air this morning to find out what it was like to endure a runner up title once again.

“Shannon Noll came runner up on idol and he’s runner up on your show too,” said Kyle while blasting the emotionally charged song ‘What About Me’ in the background.

Kyle and Jackie were very interested to find out how Nollsie felt about spending weeks in the South African jungle and making it all the way to the final two, only to come second (for a second time) to Fiona. But unlike his Idol days, Shannon was a very gracious loser.

“Fi was such a deserving winner”, said Nollsie. “She’s been through so much and she’s soldiered on…I’m so proud of her to get through what she’s been through.”


“You’ve changed your tune,” replied Kyle. “I remember you sh*t canning Guy when he won back in the day. You’ve really matured.”

In fact Nollsie has changed his tune on being the runner up so much that he actually made a joke about it himself. One of Kyle and Jackie O’s Producers, known as producer Palestine, made a comment that it looked like Nollsie was VERY keen to get some alone time with his wife when she visited the jungle.

To which Shannon replied, “I didn’t have wood for six weeks…But I had wood this afternoon and I didn’t let me down.”

“And on top of that too, I lived up to my reputation of coming second once again people,” continued Nollsie.


To which our ENTIRE office erupted in fits of laughter. You’ll always be number one in our eyes Nollsie!

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