This morning news broke that former Prime Minister Bob Hawke had been rushed to hospital for what a Labor Spokesman described as “minor tests”.

The 88-year-old was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital early this morning for the tests, with the spokesman also confirming that the tests were “nothing serious”.

But according to Kyle and Jackie O’s political insider, Sam Dastyari, it appears that Bob’s wife Blanche is actually quite worried about her husband’s health as he revealed that he discussed the topic with her recently.

Sam said that he was supposed to have dinner with Bob and Blanche on Saturday night, but they cancelled at the last minute as Bob wasn’t feeling well.

He also said that the reality is, Mr Hawke is 88-years-old and at that age, anytime you are rushed to hospital is worrying.


“At that age, everything is worrying,” said Mr Dastyari. “Being rushed to hospital at 88 is not the same as being rushed to hospital as a 30-year-old.”

When Sam did catch up with Blanche and Bob at their home recently, he recorded his conversations with them, including a snippet where Blanche spoke about Bob’s health and he played this for us on the air this morning.

“He’s not great”, said Blanche. “When he leaves the house now he has to have his wheelchair…For him, to stand up is really painful.”

But Blanche also said that Bob is a strong man and he’s not giving up easily.

“The thing is, his actual body is so strong, so it won’t allow him to die.”

Our thoughts are with Bob and his wife Blanche during this time and we hope Bob has a speedy recovery!

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